NM Grown: A Bridge between Schools and Fresh Local Produce

Felina Martinez, writing at the Valencia County News Bulletin, has a great article highlighting the community-strengthening connections that are made when local food buyers connect with food producers through the New Mexico Grown Approved Supplier Program.

The New Mexico Grown program, established five years ago, revolutionizes school lunches by connecting institutions like Los Lunas Schools with local farmers. Through this initiative, schools are treated to fresh, locally sourced produce, fostering health and community ties.
From Jamie Giron, the LLS Student Nutrition director:
“I think it’s important because it supports the farmers and the local economy,” said Giron. “It develops good community relationships, and I think fresh fruits and vegetables is by far the best thing we can serve the kids. This year, we also got to purchase beef from Red Doc Farm.”
Local farmers, like Ron Moya of Roots Farm, find reliability in the program:
“I needed to build a customer base and my vision was to not have grower market stuff but to sell more wholesale,” he said. “Knowing I have a loyal customer in Los Lunas Schools has been very helpful because if I don’t have customers like them, I’m constantly at growers markets trying to sell my stuff.”
For more insights into the NM Grown program and its transformative impact, visit the full article: NM Grown connects schools with local farm fresh produce